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Fabric Form

This is polyester fabric form to be used with cement and concrete for the civil construction.

Fabric Form‘s Features

  • Ease of Installation
  • Easily Installed underwater
  • High Strength and Rapid Stiffening
  • Conforms perfectly to the ground surface

Fabric Form‘s Features

The Fabric used in Fabric form is designed to serve as a filter as well as a concrete form with a coefficient of permeability. Concrete so proportioned as to provide a flowable mix, is pumped into the fabric form. Controlled bleeding of te excess mixing water through the fabric makes quick stiffening and a case heading.


Levee embankment, Stream channelization, Costal protection, Sea walls, Slopes of industrial holding

Installation in the Fabric form

1. Slope grading :

In order to reduce uneven face and prevents damage of the mat in the slope, sufficient grading is needed after removing stone, roots, projection.

2. Former Installation :

The mat should be installed to retain a proper wrinkle, considering as shrinkage for length and width of direction during the mortar injection when the mat is installed. At the same time, a chain which is adjustable to control the length should be connected to the upper part with a support pole.

3. Mortar injection :

Start the injection from the spout or the mat near the bottom to the upper part in order and the former installed has to be controlled to get equal length by a lever block.

4. Finishing :

With draw additional materials and scour former shaped after the injection, and cure concrete in accordance with field manual for concrete curing.

Fabric Form‘s Features

Item No. Specifications Weight(/m2) Max. width Application
FF 5050 PES 1000dx1000d, 50x50/sq.inch 480g 126"(=320cm) Civil Construction
(Waterway, Road Slope, Dam etc.)