About Us

SUNG JAE MH TEC makes endeavor to develope new products to meet rapid change in the market.


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About Us


SUNG JAE MH TEC is a leading manufacturer of wide range of high performance industrial fabrics and we have been growing based on abundant experience.
Being aware that customers need high quality products along with reasonable price, we always try our best to furnish a whole satisfaction according to our company motto ; "Customer-first" and "Uncompromising quality".
Owing to such our efforts, we are gaining good reputation and confidence from customers and we strive to offer stable and good service with consistency to create and maintain long term business relationship with customers.

We well understand the market and people who are using industrial fabrics and therefore we focus on meeting customers' requirements in terms of both quality and price.
Rather than pursuing a profit in short term, we value long term relationship above all things which will eventually bring more benefit for both customer and supplier, we believe.

We are making endeavor to develop new products which are differentiated from the conventional type of fabrics to meet rapid change in the market.
Our first focus is on ECO-Friendly industrial fabric which does not damage to environment and human and we will continue to move forward contribution to GREEN world.