SUNG JAE MH TEC makes endeavor to develope new products to meet rapid change in the market.

Anti Puncture fabric

This is Polyester fabric of 3-4 layers for work shoe insole as an alternative to existing iron plate.
The existing iron plate is too hard and stiff and therefore it's uncomfortable in walking and easily broken by walking.
We developed extremely strong fabric which can fully makes up for the faults of the iron plate in terms of flexibility and lifespan and besides this item stands more than 100kgs against sharp objects like nail.

Standard Items

Item No. Specifications Thickness Max. Puncture strength Max. width Application
NDP 160087 PES 1000dx1000d, 160x87/sq.inch 3.3 mm
(3 layers)
100 kgs 95"(=241cm) Work shoe insole
NDP 160110 PES 1000dx1000d, 160x110/sq.inch 4.0 mm
(4 layers)
120 kgs